Touchscreen test shows iPhone superior over Nexus One, DROID, and others

Touchscreen test shows iPhone superior over Nexus One, DROID, and others
Some people can argue about the superior performance that capacitive screens might have over resistive ones, but not all of them provide the same experience – based on simple tests conducted by the MOTO Development Group. They took four handsets to compare – the iPhone, Nexus One, Motorola DROID, and the HTC DROID Eris. Using a simple application, like any sketch pad ones, they were able to visually show the inconsistencies that some capacitive screens have over others. Based on their findings, they conclude that the iPhone’s touch sensor showed the most linear tracking with the least amount of stair-stepping. Even though the Motorola DROID has proven to be a big hit for the Android community, it was demonstrated showing significant wavy artifacts; also known as “stair-stepping.” The recently released Nexus One showed some respectable results – finding itself in second place with the HTC DROID Eris; both performed the best at the edge of the screen. Now it’s pretty clear that all capacitive screens are not made the same or provide the same level of accuracy – so check it out for yourself.

source: via The iPhone Blog


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