Toshiba TG01 seen running WM 6.5.x at CES?

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Toshiba TG01 seen running WM 6.5.x at CES?
First on the scene to pack on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset, the Toshiba TG01 has been making the rounds for almost a year and brought some much needed light to the Windows Mobile front. Thankfully though, it was included as part of the latest batch of non-WM 6.5 handsets to receive Microsoft’s upgrade. The team over at WMExperts was able to check out one at CES that was running Windows Mobile 6.5.x (possibly 6.5.3 from what they can gather). It clearly flaunts the new visual look (build 23091.5.3.0) – which can be spotted with the round buttons at the bottom and the new Windows Flag start menu. From the rumors floating around, an updated version of Windows Mobile 6.5 is most likely bound to happen – hence the speculations that the TG01 will be one of the first handsets to receive version 6.5.3. With that in mind, there will be some new life pumped back into this original pioneer.

Toshiba TG01 Specifications | Review

source: WMExperts


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