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TomTom app for iPhone finally available to US owners

TomTom app for iPhone finally available to US owners
Is AT&T Navigator just not cutting it for you on your iPhone? If you're accustomed to using TomTom GPS devices, you'll be glad to know that an app is now available for download on the App Store. It's been some time since Apple unveiled the turn-by-turn navigation software – AT&T Navigator managed to slip in way ahead to offer users a decent location based GPS service. Now available for $99.99, you'll get access to maps for the US and Canada – tallying up to a 1.21 GB file for them. For those who travel abroad, the Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland are also offered for different pricing. This version for the iPhone has been customized to allow multi-touch pinch zoom capabilities, automatic rotation for portrait or landscape view, and integrates with the address book. In addition, it will include TomTom IQ routes which will provide you the best routes based on the driving habits of others. It'll work for either the 3G or 3G S – the first generation model will be supported with the purchase of a combo hardware kit. No word yet about pricing or availability of it. We know some have been waiting a good amount of time to finally replace their standalone units with their iPhone – now there is more of a reason to do so now.

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