Tim Cook explains why there is no Apple iPhone phablet

Tim Cook explains why there is no Apple iPhone phablet
Tim Cook was the featured guest at D11 on Tuesday night and speaking with All Thing D's Walt Mossberg and Karla Swisher, the Apple CEO answered a long-winded question asked by Mossberg about why Apple produces only one version of the Apple iPhone each year considering all of the different versions of the Apple iPod that were created. "We haven't so far, but it doesn't shut off the future," says the executive, perhaps leaving the door open for the oft-rumored low-price version of Apple's iconic smartphone.

Cook goes on to say that it takes a lot of work to get the hardware, software and services right on a smartphone and that Apple is focusing on one model instead of losing focus by producing multiple versions of the iPhone. When Mossberg asked why there is no iPhone phablet, Cook responded by saying that having a large screen on a phone is a trade-off and that things like brightness, battery life and longevity of the screen have to be taken into consideration.

You can hear Cook's responses for yourself by clicking on the video below.

source: AllThingsD

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