This important feature just disappeared on some Pixel 4 phones

This important feature just disappeared on some Pixel 4 phones
One great example of the Pixel line’s AI smarts is call screening, where you can get Google Assistant to take a call for you and transcribe what the other person is saying in real time. Recently, the feature expanded to include automatic screening of suspicious calls or reported spam numbers. However, one important option seems to have vanished for some Pixel 4 users.

As Android Police found out, the option to record audio for Call Screening is now missing on most or all Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 devices. We’ve personally checked on our own Pixel 4s, and it is indeed missing—call screening itself is still functional, but the saved audio can no longer be accessed.

It isn’t known exactly which devices are affected or when the issue first arose, but it seems to be rather widespread, based on initial reports. 

Automatic call screening first came to Pixel phones late last year in a Feature Drop, with the option coming first to Pixel 4s and later Pixel 3s. The feature allows for automatic screening with various controls over the exact parameters that will trigger the response.

Assuming this is a glitch, we can hope that Google will restore the full functionality soon. This article will be updated when more information about the issue becomes available.


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