Thin Motorola DROID HD leaks sitting next to a DROID BIONIC

Thin Motorola DROID HD leaks sitting next to a DROID BIONIC
What could be the company's next flagship Android handset leaked as the Motorola DROID HD. The handset's differentiating factor seems to be that it is extremely thin, but still with a large 4.5" display, 8MP camera and the usual set of ports, including HDMI-out one. The slots for the SIM and microSD cards are on the side, and the thin flat battery is Li-Pol, while both design decisions seem concocted because of this slim form factor.

Such a chassis now reminds us of the Samsung Galaxy S II design concept, however the "HD" part in the name must stand for something. If the 4.5" display was of qHD resolution (540x960 pixels), there would be no point of putting "HD" in the phone's title.

Of course, it might be because of the camera capabilities - despite that Full HD should be the norm for dual-core handsets, Motorola keeps proudly writing "1080p HD video" on the camera modules, and this one is no exception.

While a 720x1280 HD screen would be great, we haven't heard about anything above 4", and Motorola hasn't exactly been on the bleeding screen edge so far - even the qHD LCD displays it uses are with the PenTile matrix, which is less elaborate than the regular RGB one in HTC's qHD screens, for example.

In any case, we should be expecting the Motorola DROID HD to be one of the last flagship Android phones before Google takes over and it's anyone's guess what will be available from the Shaumburg-based company afterwards. As an added bonus, the Motorola DROID HD has been snapped sitting next to clear pics of the Motorola DROID BIONIC to feast your eyes on.

source: Engadget

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