These paid Android icon packs are free for a limited time, grab them while you can!

If you love to customize your Android phone, you might be pleased to hear that several icon packs that are usually paid are now available for free on Google Play. Typically, the price of these icon packs is $1 or more, but now it's possible to download them free of charge.

This assortment should give you some ideas for your next custom home screen masterpiece, just make sure you pick a nice wallpaper to match. Keep in mind that the freebie period on some of these ends soon, so act swiftly!

As usual, you can easily preview all icon packs in the gallery above. Download links and end-of-sale times (as of writing this article) can be found below. We hope this assortment of icon packs gives you some ideas for your next custom home screen masterpiece! Just make sure you pick a nice wallpaper to match! 

Icon packSale ends in
Dream Shell10 hours
Meegis6 days
MIUI 96 days
Phix10 hours
Pixel (Farrago)3 days
Aron6 days



1. middlehead

Posts: 467; Member since: May 12, 2014

Clicking on that Dream Shell link takes me to a page in Russian, but not any of the other links. Dream Shell is visible and free if I search it after going to one of the other links first.

2. Milen_Y

Posts: 116; Member since: Jun 09, 2016

Hm, weird. Should be fixed now!

3. donhwan

Posts: 21; Member since: Feb 15, 2012

"MIUI 9" isn't coming up for free. 0.99 to install. :/

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