The new Misfit Phase is a connected analog wristwatch with basic fitness tracking abilities


Misfit, a company that's best known as a maker of minimal fitness trackers with stylish designs, has just launched its first connected watch. Meet the Misfit Phase, an analog watch that tracks activities and offers a basic smartphone notification system.

Although the Misfit Phase is more than a traditional analog watch, it's not a smartwatch by the meaning that the Apple Watch or the multitude of Android Wear watches have given to the word. This is still an analog watch with real watch hands and a traditional wrist piece design. Since there's no digital display to power and no apps you can install, the replaceable battery on the Misfit Phase is touted to last for six months. Take that, Apple Watch!

In terms of design, the Misfit Phase doesn't stray too far from the language that the company applied to its fitness trackers. The aluminum build is sleek but fairly minimalistic, while the range of silicone or leather bands offers plenty of diversity to fit most preferences. Customers can also replace the standard bands with any 20mm strap of their liking. 

Although the Misfit Phase offers basic fitness tracking features, it sadly does not offer a heart rate measurement system. While this may put fitness buffs off, it shouldn't be a major disadvantage if you're just looking for basic features such as a step counter, the measurement of an activity's time and distance covered, and burnt calories estimates.

The Misfit Phase can also connect to your iPhone or Android phone and then launch notifications alerts straight from your wrist. To achieve this task, three different systems are available: vibration, the rotation of the arms to a specific position, as well as the activation of a small LED on the watch face. Furthermore, one of the physical buttons of the Phase can be customized for certain actions such as controlling music playback on your smartphone, or taking a photo. Neat, huh?

The Misfit Phase connected analog wrist watch will launch in the US on November 6th. Models with a silicone strap will cost $175, while the leather strap models will set you back $20 extra. Anyone interested?

source: Misfit
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