The new Apple TV may have the same processor as the iPhone 6, but it will support 4K video

The new Apple TV may have the same processor as the iPhone 6, but it will support 4K video
At Apple's 'Spring Forward' event from March 9, we learned that there's a new Apple TV in the works, at a reduced price tag ($69). That was basically all there was to learn. While Apple is quietly preparing to ship its next-generation Apple TV when it's ready, the rumor mill churned out some interesting info. 

Apparently, the new Apple TV will be built on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6's platform - that is, it will be powered by the same A8 CPU. At the same time, the TV box will offer 4K video streaming and playback to owners of 4K TV sets. With this cat out of the bag, Apple's decision to cut 4K video support from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus seems all the more questionable. If the chip supports it and the camera sensor is up for it, why not bring 4K video to the iPhone already? We're sure Apple has a carefully calculated list of reasons not to make its flagship smartphones 4K devices, but from the perspective of an educated user who's aware of the A8 chip' capabilities, this decision makes less sense than ever.

4K woes aside, the new Apple TV will also get Siri integration, so there will be one more place in your home where you can summon Her Siriness to make you a sandwich. Voice commands sounds like a decent interaction system for the TV box, so hopefully, this will pan out as well as expected.

According to the source, the new Apple TV will be introduced at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco (June 8 - June 12) alongside new versions of iOS & OS X and a new music service. Looking forward to it, Cupertino!

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1. CreeDiddy

Posts: 2243; Member since: Nov 04, 2011

Why not put the A8X instead? That way it will give it a big boost in speed and graphics. Makes sense to me.

3. Gemmol

Posts: 793; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

do you need a iphone or any iproducts to use this or you can use it without anything.......I do not have any iproducts so I was wondering

4. Salazzi

Posts: 537; Member since: Feb 17, 2014

You can use it just like that. Especially with them now releasing an App Store for the TV as well, you'll be able to download apps made specifically for it. Airplay and all that, are added bonuses of course, but it's usable standalone.

6. seven7dust unregistered

it's better with a mac such as a cheap mac mini as a home server for your media.

5. sip1995

Posts: 1771; Member since: Feb 07, 2014

I think it's time for Apple to make available 4K video recording on iPhone....

7. Wiencon

Posts: 2278; Member since: Aug 06, 2014

You can download app from App Store which does that or jailbreak your iPhone and have it on 5S and 6.

8. vincelongman

Posts: 5720; Member since: Feb 10, 2013

Those "cheat" by upscaling UHD 4K is about 8.3MP (in 16:9), the iPhones are 8MP (also I think its in 4:3, not 16:9) So there's no "true" 4K recording on iPhones because they don't have enough pixels That being said, I have a similar app on my Nexus 5 that does the also uses the upscaling "cheat" and it does work quite well Definitely better than Google's stock camera's 1080p

10. Alphadan

Posts: 8; Member since: Jul 19, 2012

Sometimes your pieces of news are plain idiotic phonearena... I agree with the fact that the iPhone 6 should at least support 4K video playback or something similar, but you can't possibly say the following "If the chip supports it and the camera sensor is up for it, why not bring 4K video to the iPhone already? " and pretend to know anything about cameras. When a camera has fewer megapixels than the video you're trying to record, it's rather impossible you see?

13. jack123

Posts: 278; Member since: Jan 07, 2013

Recording 4k videos on iPhones don't sound good at all, not just because of fewer megapixels sensors. Let's go straight to storage capacity on phone itself, 16 gb, 64gb and 128 gb, which variants consumers prefer to buy if they want 4k videos recoding. probably, none will pick any of that or 128 gb version is much suitable, but it's a bit pricey for a phone, and those files will crush the phone storage pretty much easy. But if they came with sd card that would be a difference story, because they can be swap when they full.

18. Salazzi

Posts: 537; Member since: Feb 17, 2014

The same applies to all the other phones, Jack. All phones have storage limitations.. that's why android phones which do shoot 4k compress them a lot (which renders lower quality than uncompressed). If you try and bring up the SD card argument, that one is also moot. SD cards generally carry a write speed of ~35-40 Mbps. Recording 4k would mean the video and audio would have to be compressed to such a large extent as to be able to have the SD card keep up. Thus, you're really left with a handful of options.. 1. Record 1080p at a higher bitrate, which means better quality picture and audio 2. Record 4k at a highly compressed bitrate, sacrificing quality for nothing less than bragging rights. 3. Record 4k only on a dedicated video capturing device, with enough storage space. 4. Wait until fast enough SSD's are made for phones, and then capture 4k with good quality. PS: I'm aware there are SD cards with decent write speeds (btw, 95 Mb/s is still not enough to capture uncompressed 4k video), but anything with a good enough write speed will cost you a lot. BUT primarily, the higher speeds of the SD card would be irrelevant because the software would throttle the throughput, continuing to capture at a lower bitrate, as to provide more compatibility with customers SD cards.

23. iCameToBashYou

Posts: 16; Member since: Feb 26, 2015

Ah, someone that know what they are talking about. Refreshing.

11. jesusnexo unregistered

Wow no fanboyism on an apple article? That's beautiful

15. zig8100

Posts: 243; Member since: Dec 13, 2012

Wonder is there will be sync problems playing 4K video with that Chip?

17. Furbal unregistered

A8x would make it a killer console of the storage space was there.

22. iCameToBashYou

Posts: 16; Member since: Feb 26, 2015

i'll take anything that will push 4k. I have a LG65"er that only gets 4k from youtube and Netflix. Brang it!

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