The machined aluminum ARQ might be the best modular nesting dock ever


Looking to help fund something promising?Houston-based B&A Studio has launched a Kickstarter effort forits ARQ Modular Nesting Dock. Inspired by the convenience of modularfurniture and Apple's soft spot for aluminum designs, the studio cameup with an upright device dock that's engineered to sheer perfection.Really, it takes a borderline-unhealthy obsession with design and space tomake a charging dock this impressive.

To start it off, the ARQ is machinedfrom aircraft-grade aluminum, bead blasted, and anodized. Each unitincludes an ARQ dock, a micro-USB cable, an ARQ key, and a pair ofsupport pins. The dock takes a very small amount of space on yourdesk, and its modular design lets you arrange your devices by sizeand orientation. It might sound like an obsessive-compulsive thing todo, but the end result is neat and gorgeous - it's like putting yourgadgets on a slick aluminum pedestal.

The ARQ doesn't discriminate between microUSB and Apple's Lighting connectors - the user simply threads the charging cablethrough the dock, and secures it in place with a bundled tool. Thismeans the connector can be easily switched at any time, and its hightcan be adjusted to accommodate smartphones in cases. And, because ARQapparently loves cases, each dock has a pair of support pins that canbe slotted into 10 horizontal adjustments and made to fit most caseand device combinations out there. Also, the dock has no problem withthe few devices that have a side-connector.

On the dock's bottom, there arenano-suction pads - that means a smooth, plastic-like surface that'spacked with millions of small nano-suction cups, which create vacuumand keep the dock firmly anchored.

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So, how much do you think the ARQ willcost? The answer is a surprisingly reasonable $20. Shipping withinthe US will be free, while international shipping will cost anadditional $15 flat. If the Kickstarter campaign gets fully funded,the ARQ will start shipping in July. It will be made in Apolo Silver,Aurora Black, and Titan Red colors.

source: Kickstarter

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