The iPad has room for a camera?

This article contains unofficial information.
The iPad has room for a camera?
Many people who were eager in seeing Apple’s latest creation might’ve been let down because it didn’t offer a camera – something that’s so common nowadays on tons of gadgets. With that in mind, all the thoughts about video chat went out the door – leaving most people with a bad taste in their mouths. Repair company Mission Repair is rumored to have an image that captures the iPad’s outer frame through unofficial channels. The image in questions displays an iPad frame first, then the camera, and finally a MacBook frame.  It points out that Apple did build in a space for a camera at the top of the device – there’s a clearer picture of the notch where the holes seem to line up identically to what’s seen on a MacBook frame. Still it doesn’t point out as to why Apple decided to leave out that one feature that is all too common on other gadgets.

source: Mission Repair via MacRumors


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