The carrier-backed mobile payment system Isis will be launching on Android as well

The carrier-backed mobile payment system Isis will be launching on Android as well
Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are aiming for a much broader scope with the Isis project than Google Wallet, which started the other day with only one Sprint phone.

Jaymee Johnson, the Isis Marketing Director, commented in an interview: "It's safe to say that when Isis launches we'll have multiple payment networks, multiple issuers, multiple handsets, multiple operating systems, multiple manufacturers".

Considering that Isis will be using NFC chips for mobile payments as well, now it is understandable why the scope and timing of Isis might have changed. It is only expected to go into limited trials in places like Salt Lake City in mid-2012, and, while initially conceived as a directed alternative to payment processing giants like Visa and MasterCard, now it is actually meant to cooperate with them on mobile payments.

Android will be one of the mobile operating systems supported, confirmed Mr Johnson, and Isis then will probably be directly competing with Google Wallet. There are many cashless payment alternatives in the US, however, so it remains to be seen if any of those mobile payment projects gains traction here.

source: PCMag


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