The United States is the most skeptical country in the world about 5G

The United States is the most skeptical country in the world about 5G
Americans are still skeptical about 5G, according to a recent study by Prolifics Testing. The company used data from the tool Ahrefs to analyze online search behavior in 155 countries across the globe. As it turns out, search terms such as ‘Is 5G Dangerous?’, ‘Does 5G have health risks?’, and even ‘Does 5G spread coronavirus?’ have the largest volume in the United States - 374,700 searches per month. This makes the US the most skeptical country in the world about 5G.

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The United Kingdom is a distant second with just 94,400 monthly searches, followed by Australia, clocking 32,970 skeptical 5G searches a month, on average. Americans are also the most curious about 5G, the study shows. The search term “What is 5G” was used 127,400 times per month in the United States, with the UK and Canada way behind in second and third with 24,200 and 15,100 hits respectively.

Holland and Denmark really don’t care about 5G with only 1,000 searches, followed closely by Ireland with 1,130. While these statistics are somewhat vague, they do show how the general public feels about the next-generation technology standard for cellular networks, which provides higher speeds of mobile data transfers, and better reliability.

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