The Samsung Mythic and Samsung Flight coming to AT&T November 8

The Samsung Mythic and Samsung Flight coming to AT&T November 8
The Samsung Mythic and Flight are two of the four handsets that got announced by AT&T and Samsung exactly one month ago, although the companies failed to mention when these were supposed to roll out. The interesting thing about the cell phones is they will feature „advanced data compression” by Opera Software – a technology similar to Opera Turbo that can decrease the overall data transfer of people surfing the Internet with up to 80%. Both devices are quipped with touch-sensitive screens, but the Mythic also offers the comfort of a full QWERTY keyboard.

Earlier today Samsung announced the legendary Mythic and air-faring Flight are hitting the shelves on November 8. The former will set you back with $199.99 after $50 rebate, while you will have to fork out $99.99 for the latter (again after $50 rebate), with both prices valid for anyone willing to sign up for a two-year agreement.

The Samsung Mythic Specifications
The Samsung Flight Specifications

source: Samsung



1. artz1986

Posts: 453; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

the Mythic looks absolutely gorgeous, almost reminds me of the Sam Jet. I'd think about this phone if I didn't need an interface that goes a little deeper...

2. idmcmillan

Posts: 9; Member since: May 13, 2009

It said above that "the mythic also offers the comfort of a full qwerty keyboard." Isn't the flight that offers the keyboard? just here to help.

3. Jyakotu

Posts: 867; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

I love both phones. The Mythic is a really sexy device and I love the appeal of the Flight because it's like the Impression, but with a vertical slider QWERTY keyboard instead of a vertical one, which appeals to me the most. Both are touch screen, but one is the touch screen QWERTY keyboard combo, which I love. It would be a difficult choice.

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