The ROKR E8 with T-Mobile?

The ROKR E8 with T-Mobile?
Engadget posted some pictures of the Motorola ROKR E8, with the T-Mobile logo, which is a hint that the phone would be offered with the carrier. The 2G, quad-band device, offers a 2GB media storage and will definitely attract some new customers for the wireless provider.

source: Engadget



1. unregistered

Very interesting...

2. steviecrackberry unregistered

Yes...very interesting

3. VZW Hater unregistered

Indeed.....This is interesting...

4. Black Jack unregistered

This is relevant to my interests

5. Nick unregistered

I'm interested and would like to read literature on the subject.

6. Hosey unregistered

Oh wow.... but couldn't this be the UK T-Mobile ?

7. unregistered

I would imagine this phone would be on US T-Mobile. If you look at this phone's specs, it seems to fit into their line up.

8. Jasane unregistered

How much is it?

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