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The Palm Pixi chipset specifications got known

The Palm Pixi chipset specifications got known
The Palm Pixi, the second webOS handset got revealed less than a week ago, but some of its specifications remained unknown. What we were most eager to find out was more information about the processor that would power the device, since the new cell phone was supposed to be weaker than the Palm Pre in this respect. Well, more specifications of the Pixi have been revealed now and we must say we are pleasantly surprised indeed. 

The device will sport a dual ARM-processor Qualcomm MSM7627 core. The first CPU core will be running at 600MHz and dedicated to applications, while the second will have 400MHz frequency and take care about the modem functionality and help reduce the workload assigned to the first core. Moreover, a 200MHz GPU (CPU dedicated to 3D graphics) and support for OpenGL 2.0, like on the iPhone 3GS are also on board, meaning the Pixi will be able to easily code and decode WVGA content with 30 frames per socond. The CPU manufacturer claims that, despite its impressive specifications, the chipset will be power efficient and won´t consume too much power. One more interesting thing to know about the Qualcomm MSM7627 chipset is that it features support for both CDMA and GSM bands, although we still don´t know whether the Palm Pixi will be fully operational anywhere around the world or will come with certain limitations imposed by the carrier it will roll out through.

source: Palm Infocenter

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