The NETGEAR MBR1000 is a 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Router For Verizon

The NETGEAR MBR1000 is a 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Router For Verizon
With CES 2011 in full-swing, NETGEAR has teamed up with Verizon to announce a new wireless 4G broadband router that makes use of the carrier's LTE network. The NETGEAR MBR1000 helps enable business applications and expands broadband access to home and business customers that are either on the move or outside their wired broadband territory. The MBR1000 is expected to support 4G LTE wireless data speeds of 5-12 Mbps downstream and 2-5 Mbps upstream, though it is designed to support theoretical LTE speeds of up to 100 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream. The NETGEAR MBR1000 delivers a full customer oriented LAN connections with four Fast Ethernet ports and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi at up to 270 Mbps and features redundant WAN network availability with a separate Fast Ethernet WAN uplink port. The MBR1000 Dual WAN feature provides the option to switch between WANs for “always on” network service should any selected primary WAN experience an outage; an especially important feature for fixed business applications. Equipped with an internal 3G EVDO / 4G LTE mobile broadband modem, the MBR1000 expands coverage by improving throughput beyond what is currently available to routers using USB mobile broadband modems because of its high-performance antenna configuration.

For added flexibility, the NETGEAR MBR1000 can also be deployed on rail, bus or select coastal marine vessels as well as in mining, construction, logging, parks and rural areas, greatly expanding broadband Internet access. With this expanded coverage, consumers on the go now have easy access to IP-based entertainment and valuable productivity tools.

“Verizon Wireless looks forward to the development of powerful new mobile IP-based services that may be built on the combination of our LTE network and 4G Mobile Broadband Routers such as NETGEAR’s MBR1000,” said Aparna Khurjekar, executive director, Business Solutions, Verizon Wireless. “Creative new IP-based fleet management services are now possible, allowing fleets to easily and securely connect to the mobile broadband network to deliver on-the-go transaction processing and IP video to record pickups, deliveries or accidents.”

source: Verizon Wireless and NETGEAR


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1. Matt Evans unregistered

This is turning out to be vaporware. The Verizon folks I've spoken with have not even heard of it. Also, with current data plans you are capped at 10GB. Not good for home use where streaming media from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Blockbuster, YouTube is high. That said, I eagerly await such a device and appropriate data plan.

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