The Motorola La Jolla will be an affordable Android handset?

The Motorola La Jolla will be an affordable Android handset?
It´s really fascinating how and where people can sometimes come across pieces of information about yet unannounced handsets. The guys over at AndroidandMe seem to have struck oil and nowhere else but in the source code of the Motorola CLIQ (known as the DEXT in Europe). It reveals several code names that we already know, like the Morrison, Motus and Zeppelin. The novelty find is relates to the nickname La Jolla (means "The Jewel" in Spanish) that supposedly pertains to an affordable Android-based cell phone. The fact is confirmed (to an extent) by the specifications of the mysterious device, also unearthed in the source code - display with WQVGA resolution, Qualcomm 7201A processor (528 MHz ARM11), MAX7359 keyboard and Kionix accelerometer. According to our colleagues at AndroidandMe, the La Jolla will probably be the first Android clamshell ever released, as implied by the information in its display driver.

Motorola´s plans about its Android line-up does include the release of an extremely cheap handset able to rival affordable feature phones, but coming with the advantages of a fully-fledged smartphone. We´ve already seen one Android device for people on a tight budget, the HTC Tattoo, although we cannot say its slashed hardware features resulted in a reasonable price really.

source: AndroidandMe

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