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The Motorola CLIQ for $400? Can this be?

The Motorola CLIQ for $400? Can this be?
We found out quite a lot about the first Android-based cell phone by Motorola and its personalized interface called MOTOBLUR at the official announcement of the device and we have to say we are looking forward to seeing it no matter its name, be it the CLIQ (for T-Mobile in the US) or DEXT (for Europe). What we still don´t know however, is its price. We got some information about it when the cell phone appeared on the US website of T-Mobile for a short time. And we must say we quite liked what we saw there - you can have it for free if you sign up for a contract or for $400 if you´d rather go for the non-slavery option. The price looks a whole lot more appealing than what you need to fork out for the HTC Hero, because both devices deliver identical functionality and the CLIQ even features a QWERTY keyboard.

Unfortunately, the web page where the CLIQ could be ordered has gone inactive. So, what do you think? Can this be? Is it possible that the contract-free Motorola CLIQ rolls out for just $400?
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