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The LG Velvet is all you need, nothing you don't

The LG Velvet is all you need, nothing you don't
It's only natural for people to want the best for themselves and their loved ones. We want to live in the best house with the best car parked in front of it; we want to dine in the best restaurants, wear the best clothes, and use the best smartphones, of course.

But in reality, there's often a difference between what people want and what people need or can afford. We're driven by our emotions towards the most advanced, most luxurious, most heavily promoted products – even when alternatives costing a fraction of the price would serve us just as well.

And at the end of the day, most consumers would be perfectly content with a smartphone that does the basics well. For some, that’s social media. For others, that’s taking pictures or watching YouTube. For others, a device just needs to look good and make phone calls.

With this in mind, LG set a goal for itself to create the best phone for most of us. The result – the LG Velvet.

The LG Velvet delivers top build quality, beautiful design, superb components and more than adequate performance for what most of today’s consumers expect from their phones – all at a competitive price that fits most people's budget.

It all starts with the beautiful, 6.8-inch P-OLED display the LG Velvet comes with. Its size, proportions, and image quality make it ideal for watching movies, browsing social media, playing games, and everything in between.

With 5G support, the LG Velvet can take advantage of the fastest cellular mobile networks of today. This means blazing-fast download speeds, streaming video without loading times, and real-time multiplayer gaming without delay.

LG Creator's Kit is a stand-out feature developed with artists and creatives in mind. LG's software package contains easy-to-use camera modes that let you capture breath-taking time-lapse and ASMR videos. Effects like Voice Bokeh and professional-looking video modes ensure that your videos stand out on social media.

All of this cutting-edge technology is packed in a gorgeous body contoured to fit pleasantly in the hand. The 3D Arc Design of the LG Velvet creates a symmetrical curve that is a pleasure to both hold and admire. Available in a multitude of striking colors – Illusion Sunset, Aurora Green, Aurora White, Aurora Gray, Aurora Silver and New Black – the LG Velvet is sure to suit anyone's taste.

The LG Velvet aims to set new standards for what people should expect out of a new phone in 2020. It provides what consumers most strongly demand when choosing their next smartphone – premium design and exciting features, all from a brand they can trust.
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