Texting and driving now banned in the State of New York

Texting and driving now banned in the State of New York
Starting on Sunday, getting caught texting while driving could result in a $150 fine in the State of New York. This is a secondary enforcement law which means that you can not get pulled over for tapping out a text message and steering your vehicle unless the officer is stopping you for another, more serious offense. For example, if you run a red light and the cop pulls you over and spots your TouchPro2 on your lap with an outgoing text message on the screen, be prepared to write out that $150 check. And while many states have not yet passed such a law, an article in Sunday's New York Times quotes a Times/CBS poll that shows that 97% of Americans would like to see a complete prohibition on texting and driving. 80% favor passing a law outlawing driving while talking on a cellphone. Half of those polled feel that those who are caught driving and texting should face the same severe punishments that drunk drivers face. What is the solution? 70% of those surveyed say that hands free calling is safe while 90% would like to see that practice made legal. The results came from a nationwide telephone survey of 829 people.

source: MobileCrunch, NYTimes

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