Ten million iPhone mark coming at the end of the year - or perhaps now?

Ten million iPhone mark coming at the end of the year - or perhaps now?
We knew that the iPhone was a popular consumer item, however the device may have already reached the ten million mark that Steve Jobs predicted at Macworld 2007, three months ahead of schedule. At the conference, Jobs predicted that Apple would manufacture ten million iPhones by the end of 2008. In a joint project by the Apple Finance Board (AFB) and Investor Village's AAPL sanity board, a Google Docs spreadsheet was created to track IMEI's manufactured (it is important to note that they are tracking devices manufactured, not sold). As of last count, Apple had manufactured 9,190,680 iPhones, with the last one being shipped on October 5th.

Should one consider just those numbers, Apple is slightly below the mark. However, when one factors in the 2.42 million first-generation iPhones, the number rises to well over ten million.

Source: RealTechNews



1. unregistered

10 million self-absorbed morons served!

10. unregistered

Yes, because we all know that those with an iPhone are complete and utter retards who only care about themselves... Yup, You are absolutely right.

12. unregistered

Glad you agree with me. :)

32. unregistered

and 2 idiots with no good manners spoke up - I bet if iphone ended up with verizon both of your would be one of those self absorbed morons..

34. unregistered

i see two open minded people and one fanboy iphone is for nerds who wants to look smart

40. unregistered

yes guess thats why one third were bought by verizon customers like me!

43. unregistered

No sir. #1 here. I don't have Verizon and I wouldn't carry an iphone if you gave it to me. Thanks for playing though. To be fair, not EVERY iphone owner is a self-absorbed moron, but in my experience, there seems to be a much higher d-bag ratio among them.

2. unregistered

who cares?!?!?! its a phone not an album...im sure other phones have sold even more...the razr for example. jeez phone arena hop off steve job's package

16. unregistered

I guarantee they didn't sell that many in just over a year.

17. unregistered

How many did they sale? Because the article never stated that they sold one phone, much less 10 million.

31. unregistered

10 million is nothing to boast , its a normal sales target for any good phone as for example nokia 1100 sold over 200 million units ( world record for best selling electronics device ever )

48. unregistered

No wonder america is in the poor position it in today, seems that nobody can read a simple article off the web! It states 10 million phones were "produced" NOT SOLD! Below is the direct quote from the article. GOOD LUCK! "A Google Docs spreadsheet was created to track IMEI's manufactured (it is important to note that they are tracking devices manufactured, not sold)."

3. unregistered

These blogs are "hip and cool" hence the Apple love, cause only "cool" people love iPhones. (IMHO only self absorbed nerdy white people love Apple) The real hip and cool people (blacks) like Boost mobile or something ;)

6. unregistered


24. unregistered

Well its kind of accurate...I mean affording the iPhone as well.

30. unregistered

I'm black and I have the iPhone. I don't love apple at all but I do love my iPhone. And I think boost mobile is for people who still havnt outgrown walkie talkies. I mean seriously, what's the point of having that in a phone? But I didn't even know that they still make boost mobile phones.

41. unregistered

sorry people make this a race issue, goes to show people do get stupid

44. unregistered

Because drug dealers need phones too, sir.

4. unregistered

Do you think that there is a reason why the "nerdy" white ppl have Iphones? It couldnt be that the "nerds" actually put education first, and as a result have the money to blow in on such a weak product!?! Or maybe you have hate aimed at white ppl for whatever reason (sounds like an inferior complex) ....and before you go on with such a stereotypical response maybe do a little research..... Iphone life (a magazine.) showed that both names like Kanye West, and Barak Obamba both own Iphones. I guess Kanye hasnt heard about boost yet!

7. unregistered

Actually, Kanye used to endorse Boost. But nobody with millions in the bank walks around with Boost. This is SO not a racial issue. I believe that many people who carry an iphone are overly-concerned about image. It's become the status symbol phone. Sad.

9. unregistered

"I guess Kanye hasnt heard about boost yet!" ....That was a sarcastic statement to bring out the shear ignorance brought by the origanal poster. I am well aware of kanye's roll towards boost promotions. :)

21. unregistered

Dude, you need to relax. As a matter of fact, I'm a white nerd who doesn't give a rat's ass about your opinions. I was being sarcastic about both white AND blacks. Maybe you should use your "education" to reread my original comment. If you had just a little skill in reading comprehension, you'd realize I was being facetious. The iPhone is JUST a a toy, why so much rancor over an anonymous comment on the web?

23. unregistered

LOL when did this become a conversation about Kayne West...I thought this was about the iPhone, haha but then again who would want the iphone

25. unregistered

$100 dollars says comment #25 spent at least 20 min. in a thesaurus to construct that reply. LOL

26. unregistered

AAAAAWWWW.... is somebody's feelings hurt :(..

27. unregistered

lol I take you on the bet. I say 30 min haha plus a dictonary

37. vzw fanboy unregistered

hahhaha lol, i was thinking that same thing

42. unregistered

I have Iphone and could care less about what anyone else thinks, I just love the phone!

46. unregistered

Well watch what you post next time because it may not be a big deal to you but it's many ways to read a comment like THAT!

5. Big Moe unregistered

You know, it really does say something about your product if 10 million+ have been purchased. Kudos to the iPhone for the feat. I am a Verizon Wireless customer and would love to have the iPhone. But, I can't stand At&t. In my opinion, Apple settled for mediocrity and therefore the iPhone's full potential will be a mystery. Go VZW!!!

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