Take 20% off of the BlackBerry Passport with the manufacturer's Spring promotion

Take 20% off of the BlackBerry Passport with the manufacturer's Spring promotion
Spring is here which apparently means that BlackBerry is cutting prices on the BlackBerry Passport. From today through April 12th, the Black, White and Silver edition of the BlackBerry Passport can be yours with a 20% discount. The Black and White models of the Passport are now $399.20 after a $99.80 price break. The Passport Silver Edition is discounted from $549 to $439.20. All of the phones are unlocked, and are compatible with the T-Mobile and AT&T networks.

Besides the price break on the phone itself, accessories are being given a 30% discount. The hard shell case, normally $34.99, is yours for $24.49. The Classic Sync Pad, priced usually at $29.99, is now just $20.99. Accessories for other devices are also getting discounted. The Priv Leather Smart Flip Case is reduced to $41.99 from $59.99. And a number of headsets are also on sale.

If you've been waiting for a sale to pick up the BlackBerry Passport, now is the time. Even the Silver Edition Passport, with its rounded edges that make it easier to hold in your hands, is on sale. The Passport is equipped with a 4.5-inch screen carrying a 1440 x 1440 resolution. Under the hood is a Snapdragon 801 chipset with a quad-core 2.2GHz CPU and the Adreno 430 GPU. 3GB of RAM is inside, along with 32GB of native storage (25GB to the user). A 13MP rear-facing camera features an aperture of f/2.0 and OIS. In front, there is a 2MP snapper for selfies and video chats. A 3450mAh battery provides plenty of power, and BlackBerry 10.3 is pre-installed.

source: BlackBerry

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  • Display 4.5" 1440 x 1440 pixels
  • Camera 13 MP / 2 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, Quad-core, 2200 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB + microSDXC
  • Battery 3450 mAh(23h 3G talk time)



1. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

Nice sale for an extremely capable device. Those wanting to to pick up not only the best BB10 device on the market, but a truly phenomenal smartphone as well, should definitely take advantage of this sale.

2. JocularJ

Posts: 222; Member since: Apr 27, 2011

Bring on the BB bashing, but I love my passport as a second phone (primary is a note5) and old bold to tinker with. The hardware alone is what really draws me to it as well as a central hub for gathering and organizing all messages. I'll have to scoop up some of those accessories. Now if only the priv was more powerful or had a sequal, I'd be sold on a new BB

3. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

That's the problem. There is literally no reason to purchase this device unless you're an enthusiast of Blackberry phones. A dying app store and OS, unique but impractical dimensions, it doesn't leave much to be desired.

4. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

BB10 is slated to be updated to 10.3.3, which will be out soon, and 10.4 slated for later this year. If that's a "dying OS", then I guess ALL OS's slated to get updates soon are "dying". Also, "doesn't leave much to be desired" is quite subjective. I own a Passport, it's my daily driver, and an absolute pleasure to hold and use. "Impractical dimensions" sounds like something someone with small hands would say.

6. NexusKoolaid

Posts: 493; Member since: Oct 24, 2011

The difference is that all the other OS's continue to evolve. New features, new designs and enhancements. And there's a continuous flow of newer and better phones ready to take advantage of the improvements, justifying all the changes and continued development. 10.3.3, 10.4... that's just maintenance mode. Without new product there's no point in continued development of BB10. It's a whole lot of work that generates no revenue. This is not sustainable. Without any new hardware on the horizon it *IS* a dying OS.

8. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

Where did you read that 10.3.3 and 10.4 are "just maintenance mode"? That is the furthest thing from the truth. "While the new device will provide a choice in OS to new and existing customers, the company remains committed to the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which enables industry-leading security and productivity benefits. Second, the company will continue to develop and enhance the BlackBerry 10 operating system and is confirming plans to release platform updates focused on security and privacy enhancements, with version 10.3.3 scheduled to be available in March 2016." That was taken from here, BlackBerry CEO John Chen's own words: http://m.crackberry.com/blackberry-os-1033-scheduled-be-released-march-2016 So NO, those updates are not just "maintenance mode" and BB10 is NOT a DYING OS. Just because they BlackBerry has no current plans to release new hardware this year for BB10 doesn't mean they cannot update existing BB10 to allow it further be used in the market in which it was designed, which is ENTERPRISE and REGULATED INDUSTRIES. Those industries do not require new hardware as frequently as the consumer market does.

7. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

he's still right about "dying app store" and this phone is 90.3mm wide, compare that to Google Nexus 6P which only 77.8m wide, and you really need a huge hand to properly use BB passport with one hand

9. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

"He's still right about "dying app store". Because WhatApp won't support BB10 and Facebook changed their api's? Who needs WhatsApp when BBM is more feature secure and more features? And as far as Facebook is concerned, BlackBerry COULD make an FB using the api's illegally, but Chen himself has refused to so. There are also plenty of third party FB apps which function far better and have more features than Facebook, like Face10 and F5. And wasn't it just all over the Internet that people should delete their FB app and use the browser, anyway? FB is a resource hog and drains your battery. But if a BB10 user really wanted to use either app, they could just download the Android version of each, since BB10 can run most Android apps, so no real harm there. People once said that phablets were too big and too uncomfortable to use and that they wouldn't go anywhere. Now look: phablets are the norm, nowadays. The Passport really isn't that different. And yeah, I've got huge hands, so the Passport suits me just fine.

11. Crispin_Gatieza

Posts: 3186; Member since: Jan 23, 2014

If you can't even palm a basketball, your hands need to be limited to an iPhone 4S. Unless you're a broad.

16. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

I understand you're a fan of Blackberry and I'm not denying that they make a solid phone. They are just lackluster and year-over-year sales have been steadily declining for how long? Lay-offs in their mobile division as well. Blackberry used to be Apple, the lone warrior offering a unique product that distinguished itself from the rest and appealed to the masses. But while their phones are indeed unique, they do not appeal to enough people to remain profitable. Blackberry cannot compete against Apple or Android. Apple has the preferable iOS and Android has all the choices you could possibly want. They're also not large enough a company like Microsoft to keep shoveling out handsets until they strike gold. If they want to turn their smartphone business around they either need to distinguish themselves as the go-to business phone and rely on private and government contracts or fully commit to Android and offer desirable handsets that release ahead of or at the same time as Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.

17. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

Yes, I am a fan of BlackBerry. And? What does that have to do with me telling the truth? BlackBerry is restructuring. That's a fact. They're in the midst of a turnaround. That's also a fact. I remember a time when Apple WASN'T the Apple they are now and required a monetary bailout from Microsoft to stay afloat. NO ONE stays on top forever. And just because you may not find their handsets compelling, doesn't mean they aren't. But BlackBerry is far more than just their handset division, an it's a real shame that individuals such as yourself are too shortsighted to see this. Their primary focus is their software. They have become a Software as a Service company now. And considering that their BES software puts them in a commanding lead in the EMM/MDM space, and their QNX software makes them the leader of the auto-infotainment industry, I'd say they are correct in making software their primary gig and handsets a secondary one. BlackBerry isn't trying to compete with iOS or Android. They're moving to SECURE them both. That's what they do. One needs only look at their strategic company purchases over the past couple of years to see this. But since BlackBerry also makes Android handsets now (and the PRIV is quite a good handset), they're also offering something for the general consumer, while doing something that Android OEM has as yet been able to do: They're making Android SECURE. It's what BlackBerry does. It's their primary focus. Their BB10 handsets are already the "go-to" phone for enterprise and governments that require the strictest and most secure handsets to use. NO OTHER OEM has the certificates necessary to function where a BB10 handset and legacy BlackBerry devices can currently function. And they're moving to make their secure Android offering the same way. There is a reason why Samsung went to BlackBerry to secure it's Knox offering. It's what BlackBerry does. It's their primary focus. But let's not forget: HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG...all Android stalwarts, are operating at a LOSS concerning handsets, or JUST breaking even. Chinese OEM's making Android handsets have RAZOR THIN profit margins. That's an unsustainable business long-term. And Microsoft is also LOSING money on handsets. So much so, that they WROTE OFF their purchase of Nokia's handset division. Don't try and paint the picture that BlackBerry is the only one in trouble concerning handsets, because that's NOT TRUE. Even Apple and Samsung are either experiencing, or projecting losses in their handset divisions. That's why you see so many OEM's, Apple and Samsung included, moving to do more than handsets. (In Samsung's case they've already been doing it). I understand that you're an Android/iOS fan. I get that. You probably think it should only be an Android/iOS mobile world. But that LIMITS choice and STIFLES innovation. And mobile is about MORE than smartphones and tablets now.

18. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

No, I don't think it should only be an Android/iOS mobile world. I've owned a Windows device and while it operated smoothly it lacked many of the features and functions I've grown accustom to. But unfortunately, as it has been proven, it's quite difficult to create a properly functioning OS that appeals to the majority of consumers. If a powerhouse tech giant such as Microsoft continually fails to hit the sweet spot, what chance does Blackberry have? I realize that Blackberry makes most of its profits off of it's software and patent licensing, but we're not talking about Blackberry Limited, we're talking about their mobile division and how it is failing, slowly but surely. Whether you admit it or not, in a few years, if Blackberry doesn't accomplish something remarkable they will either exit the market of producing phones completely, or shift all their services over to Android, either producing their own handsets or helping others make theirs more secure.

19. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

BlackBerry isn't trying to build an OS that appeals to consumers. That's what you're not understanding. BB10 is for enterprise, government, and regulated industry. And as long as those industries I just named have a need for THE MOST SECURE hardware/software combo, BB10 will still be around. I'm good with that. And believe me when I say, BB10 works extremely well out of the box. I mean, Android and iOS don't even have native file managers. Why is that? They have Android to appeal to consumers. And maybe YOU'RE not talking about BlackBerry in its entirety, but I AM. I always have been. I don't discuss parts of a company that function in mobile. I discuss the ENTIRE company that functions in mobile, and you don't need hardware to function in mobile. That's a very "average joe" way of thinking. You can have software that protects mobile, software that allows mobiles to be more productive, software that secures it. That's what BlackBerry does. Even Microsoft understands this, which is why they also are putting as much of their software and services on as many mobile devices as possible. And I realize more than most that BlackBerry is going help others secure their hardware, because they're ALREADY DOING IT. What do you think BES does? What do you think they did when they helped Samsung really make Knox secure? What do you think they do for iOS devices through their wholly owned subsidiary, Good Technologies? It's also what they do through QNX. BlackBerry has been doing this for years. It's only now that people are just beginning to see it. BlackBerry isn't a hardware-dependent company like Apple. They're a software company now. Hardware is just a side gig. And if BlackBerry, years from now, exists hardware, then so be it. I'm for BlackBerry on a WHOLE, not just for them providing mobile phones. OEM's are moving BEYOND just making smartphones. They have to, or most of them won't be around too much longer. I realize this. It's a shame that too many others do not.

20. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

This is PhoneArena not CorporationArena. Nobody here wants to discuss the inner workings of Blackberry Limited except you, all I said was that their handset sales have been sinking and their OS is unappealing to consumers, even less than Windows. I'm not saying the entire company is going to go under, just the part that produces phones, if they don't do something different.

21. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

If that were the case, then why does PHONEarena post articles about Apple going into the medical field? Why did we get an article about what else Samsung is into besides phones? Why are we getting VR headset articles? Like it or not, this is a place where ALL tech gets discussed. Just because YOU don't want to talk about it, doesn't mean that everyone feels the same way. Don't assume you know what everyone wants to discuss. And BlackBerry did do something different. That's why we have the PRIV now. And BB10 is quite appealing to the market it's geared for, which is enterprise. The consumer market is not the "be all, end all".

25. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

Alright, let me break it down for you. Apple and Samsung are the leaders in mobile phones. Apple makes a majority of its money from its iPhones and iPads. Therefore anything dealing with iOS is going to be a headline. Apple provides tablets and I am sure many hospitals use iPhones as their business phones for their employees. The iPads keep patient records and contain health apps that have a variety of uses. Apple has now developed its own apps that can be used in the medical field. You're probably talking about one article out of the thousands PhoneArena produces each year, so your point is overall negligible because it's rarely talked about. Samsung on the other hand, while it isApple's biggest competitor at the moment is nowhere even close to their profit when comparing mobile phones, which leads people to question how Samsung actually makes its money. Blackberry was relevant, 6 years ago. Blackberry articles don't exactly get people excited, except when they took a gamble on the Priv. The Priv was a decent phone, but it came around too late. I don't want to say Blackberry is irrelevant, but as far as headlines go, nobody is clamoring for the latest Blackberry news. For that, you have Crackberry, a website that would really suit you better if you don't want people being real about Blackberry's 0.3% market share in the mobile world. The only reason Blackberry articles draw any attention is because of its past success. Blackberry is the Kobe Bryant of the mobile world. Can still put on a good show, but nobody really cares. *mic drop*

27. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

*Picks up mic. Sprays it with Lysol. Wipes it down* No need for you to "break it down" for me. I'm well aware of Apple and Samsungs dominant positions in mobile. The same once held true for BlackBerry and Nokia. But my point still stands, and phonearena isn't the only source for tech news. There are hundreds of tech blogs on the Internet, and some of them focus on ALL aspects of what companies do, INCLUDING BlackBerry, so to say my point is "negligible" and "rarely talked about" is quite...naive of you. BlackBerry articles don't get people excited? Where? Here on phonearena? Lol, as I said, there are hundreds of tech blogs on the Internet. Perhaps you should frequent some of them besides phonearena. Then you would see the fallacy in your statement. And you saying the PRIV came around too late is 100% subjective. I hope you're not passing that on as fact. And as I said before, you have a real "average joe" way of looking at things, especially for someone who frequents a tech site, or you would also know that the consumer market isn't the "be all, end all". BlackBerry is the market leader in enterprise, and the market leader in the auto-infotainment industry. And before you say something like "no one cares about that", remember that: You definitely don't speak for everyone. Apple, Samsung and Google are all in the enterprise markt, as well as the auto-infotainment industry. Did you know that it's BlackBerry's QNX that Apples CarPlay and Google's Android Auto is built in top of, so that they can function in cars in the first place? Probably not. As I said, you have a very "average joe" way of seeing things, or you'd also know that there are many more websites besides CrackBerry that focus on what BlackBerry does, and until you actually broaden your horizons and read a few of them, this conversation is destined to go in circles, accomplishing absolutely nothing. Since it's going obviously going to be like that, I'd rather watch paint dry then continue to converse with someone with such a limited view of the tech world. *Looks at mic. Grins ever so slightly. Puts it in his back pocket. Walks away*

22. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

He has a fair point. Facebook and Whatsapp are discontinuing their app support for it. It basically is dead at that point.

24. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

Two apps "discontinuing app support" for BB10, especially when there are better 3rd party FB apps in BlackBerry World, and BBM is superior to WhatsApp where features and security are concerned, does NOT mean that BlackBerry World is "dead". Especially when John Chen himself has said that BlackBerry World focuses on productivity apps, while the pre-installed Amazon App Store is for consumer apps. Would you be saying the same thing if FB and WhatsApp suddenly discontinued supporting iOS or Android?

26. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

FB and WhatsApp would never discontinue their support for the operating system that runs the world's most popular phone and the operating system that runs on over 80% of the world's mobile phones. FB and WhatsApp discontinued their support for BB10 because its market share cannot be scene on a pie chart. There's a line pointing to the area which Blackberry occupies because there isn't any room to write it's name within the pie itself.

28. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

Point out in my post where I said that FB and WhatsApp would actually do that? It was a rhetorical question. And you should look up who's software dominates the enterprise market, as well as the auto-infotainment industry, as well allow you to do something as simple as cut the lights on at the flick of a switch. Their name is written their in big bold letters, and it says "Market Leader" next to it.

29. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

The question you posed was hypothetical and I answered it in the same fashion. But the thing you don't realize is that Facebook and WhatsApp's decision to discontinue their programs on BB10 was not "sudden" in any sense of the definition. BB10 has been dying slowly for a long time now. If iOS and Android were to suffer the same fate I would not be surprised to see popular applications get pulled off of those OS's as well. I'm not an "average joe" nor am I an expert, but I am a fairly intelligent individual who knows how to research a specific topic when needed. I keep my words and statements simple, but they are always made on a basis of fact. Blackberry's mobile division is dying, fact. In 2012 their market share was nearly at 5%, it is now .3%. In any aspect of business, those numbers would factually prove a business were dying. This number is supported by their huge drop off in sales, year-over-year. As for your claims about being the leader in enterprise and the auto-infotainment system, you are also factually incorrect. If I were to search "Who is the richest man in the word?" Bill Gates would come up. This is a measurable statistic, as is being a leader in some sort of industry. The leader in enterprise is apparently, Apple, who probably has its partnership with IBM to thank. This is not my opinion, this research was conducted by a company called Good Technology, why does that name sound familiar? Oh yes, you mentioned it before, and oh yes it is owned by Blackberry Limited. I'd also be willing to bet that a company like Microsoft, whose software and OS are found in practically every single business in the world, they'd play a larger role in enterprise as well. As for auto-infotainment and QNX, which again, is another example of you not being able to stay on topic, sure they lead the auto-infotainment system. But Blackberry didn't accomplish this, they bought it. So if Alphabet or Apple choose to, they could probably buy QNX, and then it'd be theirs, so let's not act as if Blackberry is responsible for QNX, they just bought them.

30. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

"Dying slow" in the consumer market? Yes. Enterprise and regulated industries are another thing entirely. And dying overall? Absolutely not. BB10 has now become a "niche" platform, to be focused on enterprise and government. Those are the customers BlackBerry wants, and BlackBerry has stated time and again that this is their primary market. Even the PRIV was designed with an enterprise focus in mind, despite it running a very "consumer-ish" OS. I didn't SAY you were an "average joe", I said you have an "average joe" way of thinking, especially in thinking that the consumer market is the "be all, end all". Has BlackBerry's handset division gotten smaller? Absolutely. Do I think it will get any smaller than it already is? Well, one would need to see BlackBerry's latest ER coming up on April 1st to be certain, but I don't think it will. Had you done your "research" further, you would know that Good Technology IS NOT able to access information about BlackBerry when releasing their research numbers. This is a FACT. Had you also done your research correctly, then you would know that BlackBerry being the market leader in enterprise pertains to their EMM/MDM capabilities. That research would also have led you to the FACT that BlackBerry is LARGER than their nearest three competitors COMBINED in the EMM/MDM space. Microsofts EMM/MDM capabilities don't even factor into the equation here. It's BlackBerry's BES software that does. And as for Good Technology, well, they are indeed owned by BlackBerry now, along with their slice of the EMM/MDM enterprise space, thank you very much. But even if they were not, BlackBerry was larger than them in this space as well. And is QNX NOT OWNED by BlackBerry as well? Spoils of war, my friend. Did Google CREATE Android, or did they BUY IT? How about Apple with Siri, and a whole host of other things pertaining to their mobile business? Please don't act like these companies don't buy up things at a whim to them get ahead in business, and please don't act like Google is responsible for Android. They just bought it, same way Apple isn't responsible for Siri, they just bought it. Google didn't even create YouTube, they bought that, too. And before you say something like "Google is the one further developing Android", well, what do you think BlackBerry is doing with QNX? And as for "staying on topic", I'll tell you again: I'M TALKING ABOUT ALL ASPECTS OF BLACKBERRY THAT'S IN MOBILE. THEIR EMM/MDM SOFTWARE PERTAINS SPECIFICALLY TO MOBILE. I DON'T CARE if you're not, or don't want to. So in closing, seeing as how you seem to have a problem with what I wish to talk about, how about we NOT continue this any further? As I said at the end of my comment #27, I'd rather watch paint dry.

31. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

You have been nitpicking for the entirety of this conversation. What I originally stated is true, rooted in fact. You are in denial. I seriously hope that Blackberry catches wind of this exchange and makes you an honorary hire before it's imminent demise so that you may die from the shock and excitement and finally rest in peace. *re-drops the mic*

32. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

I haven't been "nitpicking" about anything, nor did I at any point in this conversation deny anything about BlackBerry's hardware division having trouble in the consumer market. All I did was was note BlackBerry's strengths in mobile through its software offerings. But YOU seem to have a problem acknowledging that, especially when I present FACTS. I truly hope that either Google or Apple sees how much worship them, and offers you a place at their alter, albeit on your knees. Should they not, you will probably go mad from such rejection and wonder the planet aimlessly for the rest of your life in tears and bewilderment. Now, as I have repeatedly said, I'm done with you here. Any further response from you will in fact make you look rather desperate for conversation, and will be met with a "I said I was done with you, now see comment # __." Now THAT'S how you *drop a mic*!

33. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

Are you capable of reading or do you just spew out inconsequential nonsense at every turn? If you scroll up you'll see that I acknowledged Blackberry Limited's strengths are in its software and licensing: "I realize that Blackberry makes most of its profits off of it's software and patent licensing, but we're not talking about Blackberry Limited, we're talking about their mobile division and how it is failing, slowly but surely. Whether you admit it or not, in a few years, if Blackberry doesn't accomplish something remarkable they will either exit the market of producing phones completely, or shift all their services over to Android, either producing their own handsets or helping others make theirs more secure." I was only ever talking about their mobile division. You were the one who felt the need to bring up their enterprise software and auto infotainment systems, as if they have anything to do with my original comment. Just stop. You literally keep talking because I am not head-over-heels in love with Blackberry. It's like you're some guy trying to convince me his girlfriend is a 10, but the best she ever was, was probably an 8, but now she's put on a lot of weight and let herself go and is a 6, and at best a 7. Blackberry is a 6, stop trying to tell me she's a 10. Or he, I don't know your preferences. I'll give you this, the Priv was decent. Not the best, not the worst. A good start. Happy? I'm done. The mic is mine, don't touch my mic. *re-drops the mic, picks it up, brushes it off and takes it with him as he exits stage left.*

34. meanestgenius

Posts: 22741; Member since: May 28, 2014

So because you're only talking about handsets, means I should only talk about that as well? FOH. As I said, YOU were only talking about handsets, I was talking about BlackBerry's strengths, even in mobile, through their software offerings. I "literally keep talking" because you keep responding, practically begging for the conversation to continue. I DON'T CARE whether you like BlackBerry or not, or what YOU like or not. You made a comment in a PUBLIC FORUM and I responded. If you have a problem with that, then perhaps you should never have commented in the first place? Just a thought. It's like you're trying to convince me that "BlackBerry sucks", and that I should move on to something else. And since I keep pointing out BlackBerry's strengths and actually countering what you have to say with FACTS, you're actually getting angry and beating on your chest (or breasts? You may be a female. Or fake breasts? You may be a transgender individual) in an act of lunatic defiance because I have the gall to actually like BlackBerry. I always find it amusing just how angry and upset Android/iOS worshippers like you get because I choose BlackBerry/BB10 over other OEM's and operating systems. It's hilarious. Like I'm the anti-Christ for doing so. Lmao! Now, are YOU capable of actually interpreting what I said CORRECTLY in the last part of my comment #32, when I said "I'm done with you"? Or how about my comments prior to that, when I said I no longer wish to continue this conversation? Are you that lonely on the weekend? By the way, thanks for proving me right, now see comment #32. *This symbol (the mic) on my arm is off-limits to challengers, you wield that rusty sword, I hold the Excalibur!*

5. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2364; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

Meh,,, where's the one, that was running android. ?

10. kanagadeepan

Posts: 1284; Member since: Jan 24, 2012

+1 am also looking for the same..

23. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

That's the Venice.

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