Tablet app revenue could pass smartphones by 2018

Tablet app revenue could pass smartphones by 2018
The smartphone market obviously has something of a jump on tablets. Smartphones have been something of a natural evolution from feature phones, but tablets are a much more "new" segment of products. But, at least as far as app revenue is concerned, at least one analyst believes that we'll see tablets surpassing smartphones by 2018. And, that's where we fall right back to our normal response of, "Really, analyst? You're going pretty far out on a limb saying that tablets could maybe earn more in app revenue 5 years from now." 

It makes sense though. This year, tablet apps are expected to generate $8.8 billion in revenue, compared to smartphone apps which are expected to generate $16.4 billion. Of the total expected app revenue of $25 billion, 65% is expected from iOS, 27% from Android, and 8% from the other mobile platforms. ABI analyst Aapo Markkanen says that by 2017, tablet and smartphone app revenues should pull equal, with tablets taking the lead in 2018, when the combined revenue base is expected toreach $92 billion.

The reasoning is fairly simple too:
A big part of this is expected to benefit from how tablets can be used to reach children and the elderly, two segments that traditional computers have struggled to reach.

source: ABI via BGR
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