T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier 8.0 introduces “Data Stash”

T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier 8.0 introduces “Data Stash”
T-Mobile’s soft-spoken CEO, John Legere took to a live web-cast venue today in New York City and had a talk with Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue.

During the friendly, and R-rated-for-language, interview, Legere took the cover off of Un-carrier 8.0 which introduced “Data Stash,” which begins in January.  If you feel the urge to refer to it as “rollover” data, don’t feel bad, as Pogue did just that through the whole interview while Legere corrected him to call it a “stash.” Beginning with the January billing cycle, all T-Mobile Simple Choice customers will be eligible to build a stash.

T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans all offer unlimited data, but there are buckets of high-speed LTE data that can be bought for less than the $80 per-month fully unlimited option. To be a part of the Data Stash, you have to be on the 3GB of high-speed data Simple Choice plan, or higher for your smartphone, or 1GB plan or higher for your tablet.

Then, whatever high-speed data you do not use, that data is banked stashed to be used in the future if you want. Team Magenta’s position is, you paid for it, so you get to keep it. Is there any other fine print besides the rate plan eligibility? Only that the stashed data is good for a rolling twelve month period, so unused data from January 2015 will fall off the tally by January 2016.

Unused data is rolled up to the nearest megabyte, and for a limited time, people that sign-up or move to an eligible plan will get a free gift of 10GB of data per-line to pre-build their stash. Once that stash is gone, T-Mobile will start rolling up your unused metered data.

John Legere also touched on T-Mobile’s wideband LTE expansion in New York, and said the company is aggressively deploying its recently acquired 700MHz spectrum with active networks already live in Cleveland, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, and Washington, DC.  T-Mobile also committed to covering over 300 million people by the end of 2015.

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