T-Mobile to soon offer Wi-Fi calling services for certain Android models

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T-Mobile to soon offer Wi-Fi calling services for certain Android models
Leaked screen shots of training material for T-Mobile employees shows that UMA, or calling over Wi-Fi, may soon be available for certain Android phones running on the nation's fourth largest carrier. What gives these screen shots the look of validity is an icon that appears on both the training material and on a image we saw this week of the G2.

Unlike the current UMA service, calls can not be handed off which means once you leave an area of coverage, the call you are on will be dropped. The service also will not be made available to all Android handsets. And if the G2 doesn't launch with Wi-Fi calling, don't jump from the highest floor in your building. It could be something that T-Mobile will add in a future software update.

T-Mobile G2 Specifications

source: TmoNews



1. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

Hmmmm I wonder which phone this will work for. UMA calling on Android would be awesome since at the moment only the Blackberries have it.

2. designerfx unregistered

There is no "Which phone". Once it's released, people will crack it, and figure out how to get it on every rooted phone. There is a huge demand for UMA calling on android and has been, effectively forever. Since the hardware requirement for UMA is having wifi capability and the software requirement has to be programmed (and is the hard part), it wouldn't be hard for people to be able to do this on other carriers/devices eventually (but not right away obviously).

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