T-Mobile to re-introduce unlimited pre-paid on May 22nd

T-Mobile to re-introduce unlimited pre-paid on May 22nd
T-Mobile Monthly 4G is the carrier's new unlimited pre-paid service that will start on May 22nd. The nation's fourth largest carrier will offer a $70 and a $50 plan. The more expensive pre-paid service gives you unlimited talk, text and data. The $50 plan allows you unlimited talk and text and 100MB of data at up to 4G speed. Under the old $50 pre-paid plan, when you reached the 100MB of data limit, your data was cut off. Now, once the 100MB threshold is reached, your data speed is throttled.

Internal T-Mobile documents show that the $50 plan ($60 for BlackBerry phones) compares with Verizon's pre-paid unlimited rate of $124.99 and AT&T's $75 pre-paid unlimited rate which offers unlimited talk, text and 200MB of data. Another document shows that the carrier decided to name the service T-Mobile Monthly because the "term pre-paid carries a stigma".

source: TmoNews

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