T-Mobile rolling out BOGO offer to select test markets

T-Mobile rolling out BOGO offer to select test markets
It almost feels like a pounding headache that won't go away, but T-Mobile's latest buy one, get one free promotion isn't something being offered nationwide. In reality, it's only rolling out to certain test markets across the country – meaning that you have to find yourself a store that's participating in this limited time offer. These test markets include New York City, New York Metro, New Jersey, Pennsylvania/Upstate New York, Georgia, Los Angeles, and the Pacific Northwest. Although it's currently running today and goes through until March 3, those that aren't located near a T-Mobile store that's specified will have to come up with an alternative method in an attempt to get in on this special deal. On top of that, there a a bunch of stipulations on this promotion that really makes your head hurt – it's only available to new activations and add-a-lines only. This may break the hearts of some existing customers, but it's not valid for upgrades, Even More Plus, and FlexPay customers. So if you find yourself excluded from that list, feel free to take advantage of this promotion that enables customers to purchase a smartphone and getting one free that's equal or of lesser value.

source: TmoNews


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1. remixfa

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wow.. so its not availible for the no contract (which means full price phones at all times) customers. and your suprised. Its only availible for new CONTRACTS. I dont know why thats so hard.. lol. Hate to tell ya, but it will still work out slightly cheaper on the no contract plans unless your getting to touch pro 2's (then ill laugh at you for that) Whoever keeps writing these articles really needs to wrap their heads around how great the no contract plan pricing is compared to contract pricing at Tmobile.. and then for kicks, compare it to ATT and VZW contract pricing..lol.

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