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T-Mobile plans to offer a smartphone BOGO offer?

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T-Mobile plans to offer a smartphone BOGO offer?
If you missed out on all of the Valentine's Day promotions that T-Mobile was offering, then you'll get another opportunity to take in on some special deals that's about to happen. Up to this point, it seems like Verizon has been the sole carrier to feature BOGO promotions left and right to its customers. Now T-Mobile is going to start running a similar buy one, get one free promotion that'll begin happening tomorrow and going through until March 3. News and the specifics about it are still fuzzy and unclear –  such as whether or not the promotion will be for new customers only or if existing ones that have qualified upgrades on their lines are eligible. Basically it'll feature any smartphones on their lineup that are purchased and getting one free that's of equal or lesser value. It looks like this is only valid at retail T-Mobile stores – so if you were thinking about a Nexus One, you'd better go look at something else instead. Whichever handset you decide to go with, it's still a nice deal seeing that you'll be saving some money in the process.

source: TmoNews

T-Mobile plans to offer a smartphone BOGO offer?

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