T-Mobile prepares exciting updates with "Un-carrier Amped"; details coming June 25th

T-Mobile prepares exciting updates with
T-Mobile Un-carrier touts itself as a stick-it-to-The-Man, rebellious tariff offering perks like data roll-over, free Wi-Fi calling, and many other deals and packages seldom found through rivalling firms. Rather than locking consumers into a two-year subscription and offering flagship phones on-the-cheap as bait, T-Mo has tried instead to bestow flexibility upon its customer base, and after a series of numbered Un-carrier updates, the company appears to have some big plans in place for the future. 

Un-carrier looks poised for a major upgrade over the next few days, with T-Mobile having teased a trailer on its YouTube channel referring to "Un-carrier Amped". Playing out a bit like a clip of an upcoming action movie, T-Mo runs us through Un-carrier 1.0 all the way through to 9.0, detailing some of the features that it has introduced along the way. The Data Stash offering with Un-carrier 8.0, for example, has allowed users to roll over their unused data and stock up, something that most would love to see from AT&T et al. 

But with Un-carrier already being so awesome -- too awesome for the company to sustain without a near-future merger according to T-Mobile's parent company -- what will Un-carrier Amped bring? The name itself suggests that T-Mo has something very exciting in store, and seems to indicate that what's already available through Un-carrier will be improved upon.

There carrier may decide to add some new stuff, but if not, we wouldn't baulk at any attempt to turbo-boost the current packages. Check out the teaser below, and stay tuned for those details set to be showcased in a couple of days' time:



1. majp89

Posts: 182; Member since: Jun 18, 2013

Last couple of events weren't really that exciting (except Data Stash) so I hope they bring something pretty cool to the table at this event. "AMPED" suggests that they're probably rolling out LTE+ or speeding up the network somehow.

2. waddup121 unregistered

Interesting ad

3. BundlePack

Posts: 23; Member since: Mar 06, 2015

I don't know what it will be but I know it won't be a way to eliminate the need for credit checks, refill cards, monthly billing and contracts because doing that would make total sense. After all offering a prepaid bundle pack with a phone and a choice of 12, 18, or 24 months of pre-paid service for one low price if paid upfront is such a good idea that the wireless phone companies would never have enough common sense to try it.. So it could not possibly be that.

4. ph00ny

Posts: 2067; Member since: May 26, 2011

Seeing how i have over 50GBs of data left on my AT&T, they certainly seem to be doing the unused data rollover unless i'm mistaken

6. Salazzi

Posts: 537; Member since: Feb 17, 2014

It was actually T-Mobile who started that. So no, it's not that.

8. ph00ny

Posts: 2067; Member since: May 26, 2011

I know I was just commenting on the article where they wrote "The Data Stash offering with Un-carrier 8.0, for example, has allowed users to roll over their unused data and stock up, something that most would love to see from AT&T et al. "

9. Salazzi

Posts: 537; Member since: Feb 17, 2014

Ah, because you can't stock up on AT&T. T-Mobile let's you save up data for 12 months, while AT&T simply rolls over data to the following month, after which it then expires.

5. mike2959

Posts: 697; Member since: Oct 08, 2011

I tried for 2 week's. I gave it a honest shot. When within a good coverage area it's LTE speed in Cleveland Ohio was unmatched. But that's the problem. The foot print into the suburbs was horrible. I'm talking suburbs with 30K + people. TMO hasn't changed anything. Much like Sprint the blow the cash flow on propaganda (advertising). Sprint would be ahead of everyone if they didn't sponsor Nascar for the last Decade.

7. captivater

Posts: 11; Member since: Sep 02, 2013

If only that were true... Dan Hesse ran that company into the ground. So many bad decisions. 1. Nextel purchase 2. Wimax buildout 3. Palm Pre exclusivity deal 4. $15 billion iPhone commitment over 4 years 5. Underbidding on spectrum auctions The advertising funds would have just been funneled into another bad decision. Sprint dug themsleves too deep a hole. And before you mention the cash infusion from Japanese Softbank with new leadership... remember that these people put $21 billion into a failing company. How intelligent could you expect their future business decisions to be?

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