T-Mobile ordered to stop offering its data free music streaming service in the Netherlands

T-Mobile ordered to stop offering its data free music streaming service in the Netherlands
You may or may not know that T-Mobile has operations overseas. Like the U.S. unit, the Netherlands division of T-Mobile offers a version of Music Freedom, a zero-rated feature that allows subscribers to stream music without it counting against their high-speed data allotment. T-Mobile Netherlands started offering Music Freedom on October 10th, and regulators at the Dutch Consumer and Markets (ACM) have ordered the carrier to stop the promotion.

The Dutch regulators say that the feature is a threat to net neutrality and will fine the carrier $52,000 for each day that it doesn't adhere to its ruling. What ruffles the ACM's tail feathers is whether the participating music streamers are being promoted over other music streamers. If so, it would go against net neutrality.

In a statement, T-Mobile says that it disagrees with the ACM's ruling (naturally), and will take the matter to the courts. Until a legal ruling is made, the "Data Royalty Free Music" remains available for T-Mobile customers in the Netherlands. With a $52,000 fine being imposed against it every day until it either wins a court victory, or it stops offering the data free music streaming, T-Mobile might be forced at some point to give in or face paying out some serious money.

source: TechCrunch


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