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T-Mobile officially launches new Unlimited Nationwide 4G plan

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T-Mobile officially launches new Unlimited Nationwide 4G plan
We have known for a while that this was coming, but now the day is officially here. T-Mobile is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in the United States, and as a gift to us, T-Mo is now offering its new Unlimited Nationwide 4G plan. The new plan offers exactly what you'd expect from the name: true unlimited 4G data with no throttling. 

The new unlimited everything plan on T-Mobile will be $89.99 with a subsidized phone, which puts it at $10 less than Sprint's unlimited everything plan. And, if you bring your own phone, the charge is only $69.99 a month. 

This is a very aggressive move by T-Mobile, and most think that the carrier needs a bold move. It has been losing customers, it has been slow to build out an LTE network (even though its HSPA+ network can be just as fast or faster than LTE in some areas), and of course it is the only major US carrier that still doesn't have a deal to carry the iPhone. 

What do you think: will this new plan help T-Mo?

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