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T-Mobile is believed to unveil the addition of a $39.99 2GB data plan very soon

T-Mobile is believed to unveil the addition of a $39.99 2GB data plan very soon
Even though it’s still regarded as speculation at this point, TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile is planning to add yet another data plan offering to its lineup.

As it stands right now, customers can choose data plans that range from as low as $29.99 per month for 200MB of data all the way to $84.99 for a whooping 10GB allotment. And stuck in the middle of those two plans is a reasonable $49.99 per month offering that provides 5GB of data.  However, it’s being reported that they plan on adding a 2GB plan for $39.99 – which naturally fits nice in balancing things out a bit. Moreover, it’s said that the price will drop to roughly $32 if it’s combined with an existing voice plan.

Definitely a nice gesture nonetheless since it offers more selection to customers, we’ll soon find enough whether or not it holds true seeing that it’s believed to take in effect starting April 28th.

source: TmoNews


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