T-Mobile gets Nokia 5610?

T-Mobile gets Nokia 5610?
Well, there’s nothing official about this yet, but one of the three FCC approvals of the Nokia 5610 Xpress Music, exposes it with the T-Mobile logo stamped on the front panel. Although it is not 100% sure that it will be available, that’s enough to give us hope . T-Mobile is currently offering the 5300 and the 5610 was announced as its successor. By default, 5610 upgrades 5300 with 3G support, but the version with the T-Mobile logo is only 2G quad-band GSM, so it should be considered as its replacement, instead of successor.

Nokia 5610 Specifications

source: FCC via Marco



1. George unregistered

it looks ok, not a big fan of Nokia, but T-Mobile needs a touch screen phone. GET WITH IT T-MOBILE!

2. Philip unregistered

this phone doesnt have a touch screen, it does have a music slider that goes between the media and the home screen but thats it. And excuse me if I'm wrong but the t-mobile wing has a touch screen. Other than that I completely agree 1 touch screen phone is nothing with the vu coming soon and the tilt and iPhone on AT&T it seems like one gsm carrier in the us has won the gsm competition.

3. A Guy unregistered

It's going to be coming out with T-mo. I contacted them and asked, and they said that it's coming out on may 21st. 2008

5. unregistered

You fucking joking? It was just rescheduled... T-Mobil Bought the phone and plan to release it very soon, The representative said the graphics are amazing, and even he's anticipating it.

4. nbreezy unregistered

dont hate on tmobile for not following the crowd, Thats why I'm with them, because they are different! I love tmobile and wish they would get more unique phones like this!

6. T-Mobile rep unregistered

I work for T-Mobile. The Nokia 5610 is highly anticipated to say the least. It will be the first phone we've carried with more than a 2.0 Mp camera. It will have a 3.2 Mp. It will be sweet. Unfortunetaly the launch date has been changed to "To be determined". Grrrrrr. For the record, the Wing and the MDA, both by HTC, are the only devices we've carried with touch screen. That will soon change.

7. unregistered

I hope they release this phone soon. The 5310 is very cool, but the 5610 takes it to the next level. I'll be first in line at my local store when this hits the shelves. :)

8. T-Mobile rep unregistered

I'm first in line with my employee discount to get this phone. So I can relate. I'm a Nokia whore, thats all I ever buy. I'm using the 5300 now. I'm skipping the 5310 for the 5610. I have about 10 old Nokias. The battery life is great and you can pretty much run them over with a tank and it won't bust 'em.

9. unregistered

is it going to be released in the U.S. tmobile? does anyone know if it will be released before the end of august?

10. T-Mobile rep unregistered

Still no word on the release. My "inside" source still tells me the 5610 release date is TBD (To Be Determined). So the answer is Yes, it will be released in the US. Not sure what the delay is.

11. unregistered

oh cause ive been waiting for it and if it isnt coming out soon i have to get a different phone so i have to start looking for a new one and thanks for your help!

12. unregistered

August 11th

13. Savgrr unregistered

I have a question. I currently have the Nokia 5300 and am waiting to get the 5610. I know on mine currently it doesn't support some apps you can download, like Gmail mobile. Does anyone know if this new model will support Gmail?

14. T-Mobile rep unregistered

Not sure about an email client. Will have to check on that when I get to work. Have you tried getting G-mail through Tzones? If you like paying an extra $5.99 a month you can get T-Zones. Samsungs are coming out with Email clients on most, if not all, of their new phones. I'll stick to the Nokia. The 5610 hype has been dimished with delayed release dates, and the release of the Moto Rokr. The Rokr has a built in 2 gig of memory. Otherwise the 5610 still kicks ass. The 5610 has a 3.2 megpxl cam w/ LED flash. (If you like Motorolas despite all their problems, and a bar style phone, then get the Rokr.) 5610 to be released on Aug 11th! (looks like anonymous dude beat me to the punch)

15. Savgrr

Posts: 2; Member since: Feb 03, 2009

Sorry it's taken so long to get back on here. I already use TZones with my 5300, and for some reason it just doesn't work well. I don't know why, but it'll take me to the log in page and keep asking me to refresh...and it never gets there. Have you noticed any problems with the 5610 now?

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