T-Mobile “fixes” unexpected roaming fees with new $15 International Talk & Text offer

T-Mobile “fixes” unexpected roaming fees with new $15 International Talk & Text offer

On Feb 23, T-Mobile will introduce a new $15 Stateside International Talk & Text offer that extends the $10 plan with unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling from the U.S. to more than 30 countries, and up to 1000 mobile-to-mobile minutes to Mexico. 

For comparison, the $10 plan, which will remain on sale, lets customers get unlimited calls from the U.S. to landlines in more than 70 countries, unlimited texting to more than 200+ countries, plus no more than 20 cents a minute mobile to mobile calling to any number in more than 100 countries.

The Un-carrier's marketing head, Mike Sievert (pictured), says that by adding the new plan, customers in the United States can now reach "close to 50% of the worldwide cellular phones outside of the U.S. without hassles". Mr. Sievert explained that the $10 plan was extended so customers can be "completely confident" that there will be zero extra charges when they are making international calls from the USA. 

Until now, subscribers had to know beforehand whether they were dialing a landline or a mobile number, which could result in unexpected charges. Which, as Sievert puts it, "is not good. It's not Un-carrier." The new offer wants to "fix" this.

The CMO also claims that T-Mo's unlimited roaming plan, Simple Global, which was introduced last October, has resulted in customers making "three times more calls, texting four times as often, and using 20 times more data" when they travel abroad. He is keen to point out that, so far, competitors "have nothin'" on this, a statement that will surely make CEO John Legere grin.

source: T-Mobile


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1. andynaija

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Lol is that an AT&T brochure he's holding like it's something disgusting?

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