T-Mobile eliminates data overage charges for their webConnect plan

T-Mobile eliminates data overage charges for their webConnect plan
In a move that'll undoubtedly make some waves, T-Mobile is moving forward and leading the pack by announcing that they will be eliminating data overage charges on their webConnect data plans. Generally customers who exceed the 5GB data limit cap per month would be charged for all overages – which could some times be extensive depending on the amount of data being used. Conversely, T-Mobile will instead reduce the data speeds once the limit has been reached. Although customers that are on the 5GB per month webConnect data plan don't have to worry about charges, customers on the 200MB per month plan will only see overage charges be cut in half only. In trying to expand the reach of their business, T-Mobile is also rolling out a $10 discount on their 5GB webConnect plan in the hope of getting some exposure for their HSPA+ network. Not only are they taking an aggressive stance on this, but it remains unseen whether or not it'll have a profound affect on its competitors.

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