T-Mobile business users can now choose to either pay overages or get throttled

T-Mobile business users can now choose to either pay overages or get throttled
T-Mobile might be the smallest among the big four U.S. carriers, but once you run out of data on it, you don’t get to pay the costly average fees like on some other carriers, but instead get throttled to EDGE speeds until your new billing period starts. That’s the way data works for T-Mobile regulary users, and that’s how it works for T-Mobile business customers, and we love it.

But while we do see that this could actually be a limitation to some who want to have the most of their data at all times, even when they run over their monthly limit. This rings particularly true for business users, but some regular customers might also fit in this category. Good news is that now T-Mobile is bringing the option to choose whether you want your data throttled or you want to pay overages once you run out of your limit.

The new option kicks in only for business users initially. The overage fees still are pretty hefty if you use a lot of data and range from two to ten cents per megabyte.

The option to choose at a T-Mobile store for no overage fees is “overage-free,” while if you want maximum speed and you’re ready to pay extra you should sign up for “high-speed.”

The carrier’s data plans start from 500MB per month for $25 and go to as much as 10 gigs for $73. T-Mobile is deploying the plans for eligible business users by the end of July.

source: T-Mobile via TheVerge


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