T-Mobile and Dollar General team up for budget friendly phone offering

T-Mobile and Dollar General team up for budget friendly phone offering
While many of our readers are looking for the latest and greatest in smartphone offerings, there are still a lot of people out there that just want a phone for basic calling and texting and they don’t want to foot a huge bill every month for features that they simple do no want. T-Mobile and Dollar General are teaming up to offer some budget friendly solutions at Dollar General’s over 6,400 stores.

Starting in July, T-Mobile will be bringing several prepaid plan options and the Samsung t139 phone, as well as an end cap full of T-Mobile compatible handsets that are eligible for T-Mobile’s Monthly 4G No Annual Contract $50 unlimited plan.

“Since 2004, our customers have had access to great T-Mobile plans, and we know that our customers will appreciate more communications options that are affordable and flexible,” said Todd Vasos, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Dollar General.

The Samsung t139 is a basic flip phone that offers messaging, web browser, a camera, and Bluetooth. While it’s a pretty simple device, it will get the job done for those that just want to use their phone as, get this, a phone.

For those that are looking for more features, the T-Mobile Monthly 4G No Annual Contract $50 unlimited plan gives customers unlimited talk text and web. The first 100MB of data will be privy to “4G speeds.” While it will be throttled down to 2G speeds after that, you’ll at least have the comfort in knowing you won’t be subjected to any nasty overage charges.

source: T-Mobile

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