T-Mobile also introduces unlimited calling plans

T-Mobile also introduces unlimited calling plans
T-mobile will offer unlimited calling for $99 starting on the 21th! Wow, nobody was expecting this! Actually, we just got an email from T-mobile PR that they will introduce as currently all other major US carriers, unlimited calling for $99 per month! No other details were released, except that text and picture messaging WILL be included in that price!

Update: Instant Messages are also included in the $99 price tag!
Source: T-Mobile



1. t-huff unregistered

too bad t mobile only works great in california. verizon works great everywhere but utah and idaho. utah and idaho are terrible anyway. verizon has everyone beat by far.

2. unregistered

Monkey see monkey do.

3. David A unregistered

you can get a good wireless carrier!

4. unregistered

i lived in utah for 3 years and have verzion service it works great out there in utah

5. steviecrackberry unregistered

yo Huffy, can VZW get service outside US?

6. steviecarckberry unregistered

Actually not b/c VZW doesnt incl messaging. Def ask Sir Charge...VZW will get $$$$$$$.

7. michael unregistered

no we have the select and premium plans and we started this and now people are jumping on the bandwagon so there not loosing there customers to verizon !!!!!!!!!!!

8. elgee02 unregistered

I absolutely can get service outside of the states on my BBerry 8830. I don't have to change my phone number, and the roaming I pay is cheaper than AT&T's but that's irrelavent as I travel only within the US.

9. verizon girl unregistered

T-Mobile is for broke people. Verizon is muuuch betta

10. steviecrackberry unregistered

#8 only certain countries...btw get a real bb 8820 #9 yes better but I see you like to piss away your money to Sir Charge??

11. darkness unregistered

#1, t-mobile actually works well overseas i.e. Europe. #5, Verizon does get service outside the U.S. just like #8 said with his 8830 which by the way I carry myself. It has both GSM and CDMA variants. You can actually have your 8830 unlocked for different GSM services around the world. If you don't have the 8830 you can still use your other regular Verizon phones in countries that offer CDMA such as Beijing, China. One more thing, Verizon may charge a lor for everything, but they're worth it, and the that's also the reason why they are the most profitable carrier right now.

12. T-HUFF unregistered


13. elgee02 unregistered

With my 8830 if I so desired I can get voice in over 160 countries and data in over 90 countries. Basically any country I would ever even consider visiting I could most definitely get service with my phone.

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