T-Mobile and MetroPCS users got their personal data hacked, and there isn't much to be done

T-Mobile says overseas hackers stole personal data of more than 2M customers
T-Mobile got to the airwaves to announce that on Monday, August 20th, the company had to deal with a hacking attack from abroad that left personal details of about 2 million customers in a vulnerable state. 

Fret not, though, as your more sensitive (and more secured) info like Social Security numbers, account passwords, or any financial details, were not accessed. The compromised data, however, listed customers' names, the associated billing zip codes, and phone numbers, email addresses, account types and numbers, and so on - still pretty unpleasant to have to deal with.

In T-Mobile's statement about the hack, the carrier clarifies that those who were affected are being promptly notified with a text, like the one you see here. Although no hard numbers on the number of compromised users are given in the statement, T-Mobile answered an info request saying that less than 3% of its 77 million customers have been affected, or roughly 2 million people.

If you never got a text like this one, you needn't worry but can contact T-Mobile on its 611 service number, just in case, not that you will have many useful options to react post factum:

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