T-Mobile Germany announces BlackBerry 'Javelin'

T-Mobile Germany announces BlackBerry 'Javelin'
It seems as if Research In Motion is gearing up for the holiday season, and they're sharing the cheer with everyone! In addition to the launch of the Pearl Flip on T-Mobile, Bold on AT&T, and the upcoming Storm on Verizon, the company today announced the BlackBerry 8900 "Javelin" for T-Mobile Germany. Although it lacks 3G, the device offers a 480x360 screen, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a 3.2 megapixel camera (better than the Bold, we might add). Based on the naming scheme, it will more than likely replace the existing BlackBerry Curve, thus offering the corporate world an alternative to the tried-and-true BlackBerry 8700.

The device is expected to become available in mid-November, and will cost EUR 5 ($7) on a two-year contract, or EUR 360 ($450) if the no-contract option is your cup of tea. Since the device is launching on T-Mobile Germany, we can only hope that T-Mobile USA will receive it soon.

BlackBerry 8900 Specifications

source: MarketWatch and IntoMobile



1. unregistered

"cost EUR 4.95 on a two-year contract, or EUR 359.90 if the no-contract option..." I don't even know Euro conversions to the US dollar but that seems like a hefty jump...Anyone shed some light on that for me?

4. unregistered

ur exactly correct its a humongous jump,, but thats how they get you ,, theyre plans are very expensive w/ nothin to show for wat u pay for,, when i lived in germany 2 yrs ago,, a 2 yr contract w/ tmobile germany u could get a plan that gave u 50 daytime minutes and 100 txt msg for 49 EURO a month,, thats crazy so u pay pennies for ur phn but they make it back by raping u on ur price pln, 50 min for 1 month,, r u serious,, so i leave it up to ur imagination to guess wat more minutes would really cost w/ tmobile germany,, oh ya by the way theyre the most popular cell carrier there,,hahahah

2. unregistered

omg pleases let t mobile usa get it

3. unregistered

no let verizon get it. whos tmobile?

5. unregistered

He he he. Watch Sprint get it. That'd stick it to all ya'll!!!

6. unregistered

wow, you all need to grow up. i think, THINK verizon is supposed to get it. correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't this the one listed on the upcoming page codenamed "Niagara"?

7. unregistered

It may not even come to any USA carrier so let it be and wait to see what happens!!!!

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