T-Mobile CEO John Legere shows "Scrooge Verizon" the future of wireless in Christmas Carol knock-off

T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere has a crusade against the top two wireless carriers in the U.S., which he calls "Dumb and Dumber." Yes, the executive is currently focusing his acidic wit on Verizon and AT&T. Today, the unconventional Legere posted a hilarious Christmas Carol knock off on his Twitter page.

In the clip, Scrooge represents Verizon (which is easy to determine thanks to the Verizon check mark on his night cap) and is awakened by a shadowy figure. "Are you the ghost of Christmas future?," he asks. "No dumb-ass. I'm the future of wireless," says the figure who reveals himself to be a hooded John Legere.

As in the real Christmas Carol, Scrooge (Verizon) is given a look at the future. That includes a Big Red customer who just received a message that he exceeded his data limit. "Now he's afraid to post a selfie," says Legere. And then there is poor Timmy. His family is being charged so much for wireless that they can't afford to get him a tablet. Scrooge finally has enough and yells "Make it stop!" Legere's response? "You f&*@$%# carriers will never learn. And we won't stop."

Making a hilarious holiday video has become a tradition for Legere. View this year's "Un-carrier Christmas Carol" by clicking on the video at the top of this story.

source: @JohnLegere


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