Symbian Belle getting a whiff of the Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan interface

Symbian Belle getting a whiff of the Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan interface
While it hasn't gotten the Symbian Anna update yet to existing handsets, Nokia seems to be ploughing ahead with Symbian Belle, about which it enigmatically said "if you like Android, you are going to like Symbian Belle" not long ago.

From the leaked screenshots back in March it was pretty clear why are they alluding to Android - Belle will introduce a pull-down notification bar, plus a back button and what seems to be a context menu key in a navigational/command strip at the bottom of the screen.

Some of the new Qt design guidelines for Symbian development, however, have a treasure trove of Symbian Belle concept screenshots, which reveal that the newest iteration will be taking cues from MeeGo Harmattan, as presented on the Nokia N9. The list views in particular with the > sign marking,  are looking precisely as on the Nokia N9, which you can see in the thumbnail image above.

Additional info in the Qt guidelines is leading to speculation that the swipe-y interface of MeeGo might be applied in a form to Symbian Belle as well, so we keep our fingers crossed that the update will grace Symbian^3 devices as soon as it is finished, preferably with the new Symbian handset lineup in Q3. There is a bunch of other screenshots in the source link if you are in exploratory mood to see what is heading towards your Nokia by the end of the year.

source: Nokia via MyNokiaBlog



1. ryq unregistered

am waiting for my anna update on my N8 and they are already talking about belle! this is why nokia is being left behind, they are so slow to inroduce new or update their products

2. JS15278 unregistered

is symbian dead?= not not yet and probably never

3. JS15278 unregistered

they are not slow they give it when it is ready. if you give it soon probably you will have many bugs i have an N8 and i don't change even if i have to wait until august for the anna and whenever for belle.

4. bella unregistered

anna is floppy. Had waited for too long.m switching to galaxy 2 . Nokia will never pick up. Nokia dont have no apps related to medical ebooks unlike iphone and android. I waited for Anna for my n8. how long do we have to wait for you.

6. Epstein unregistered

Nokia does not make Medical ebooks. If they are not available for Symbian, that is the decision of the ebook developer and not the phone manufacturer.

5. wakara nai unregistered

why taking so long to release anna but already talking about belle? possibly because belle's development is almost finished and they are thinking if they should just skip anna and jump straight for belle. of course owners of anna preinstalled devices will be so pissed off.thats why they take so long thinking of a good excuse :)

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