Survey reveals that people are changing their phones with the slowest pace on record

Survey reveals that people are changing their phones with the slowest pace on record
When the phones served only for basic texting and voice transmission, and even up until last year, when Android was picking up speed, we tended to hold on to them much less than now. A study reveals that currently we wait for an average of 20.5 months before necessity or marketing get to us, and we change the handset.

That is the longest duration on record since data was first collected in 1999, and has increased with the whopping 17% since last year. We might speculate that the new more capable smartphones are the reason people now need to change handsets less often, but they are still a fraction of the market.

It is more likely that the economic downturn has made customers pinch their pennies, unwilling to splurge for the latest and greatest from Apple, Motorola, HTC, or the other expensive offerings. However, one of the survey findings was that the average cell phone price on contract has fallen down somewhat, from $81 to $76, due mainly to an increase in carrier subsidies.

source: J.D.Power



1. AAABall unregistered

I would like to upgrade, but Verizon put the $9.99 data plan on most of the non entry level phones. I don't want a bare bones phone, so I'll hold on to my older unit and save $239.76 until they get their s*** together.

4. mr. droid

Posts: 278; Member since: Aug 21, 2010

this is something that is not going to go away. it is here to stay. infact, there is a plan to bump it up to a $14.99 data plan minimum for multimedia phones. this coming from the tiered data plans they have in the works. I have heard that you can have added per it being mandatory for three months and then cancel it after that, as long as you put a full data block on your account, which would make the phone useless for anything other than text and calling. not even pic/video messages would be allowed through. (this is what we were able to do with my younger borthers phone, a samsung rogue)

6. AAABall unregistered

If they do that, I'll' go to a pre pay!

7. VZW

Posts: 24; Member since: Nov 02, 2009

No, you could not have been more wrong. Verizon is about to release 2 new phones that will not require a data plan. They both have 3G and an upgraded camera. One will replace the LG EnV3.

8. AAABall unregistered

I know about the LG VX 8370,which Verizon should have soon. Is it the Cosmos 2 or the Octane?

2. cadetz unregistered

we change phones less often because most of us are tied down by a contract from the company we could change phones more often if we buy it unlock or straight out... but that would cost more if phone companies are willing to lower the contract years, we will change phones more often =D

3. flkjf unregistered

funny how this only counts for US people..NOT europe..ask them over there and things r totally different

5. Satwwoa unregistered

How different is it in Europe? Change to new phone more often or less often than before?

9. AAABall unregistered

In Europe, people buy their phones outright at full retail, but pay less per month on service. People buy new phones when they want to. I'm on month to month with Verizon, and would actually consider this in my case. I'm not going to buy a refurbished Motorola Entice from Walmart for $240, but would consider this is the phone was right.

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