Surprise! Apple says there's no heat issue with the new iPad

Surprise! Apple says there's no heat issue with the new iPad
Apple may be doing a few things differently recently, but one thing that hasn't changed in the Tim Cook era is how Apple responds to reports of a potentially widespread problem in one of its products. Recently, there have been reports, with quite impressive data behind them, saying that the new iPad runs pretty hot

Of course, the question is whether this extra heat is a problem or not. A few people have reported the new iPad overheating to the point of auto-shutdown with an error message, but those reports haven't been very widespread so far. An Apple spokesperson, Trudy Muller told The Loop that the iPad runs "well within our thermal specifications" adding, "If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare." 

That's the answer we expected from Apple. However, the real question is what Apple's thermal specifications may be. Obviously, we know that Apple has been very clear to call its MacBooks "notebook" computers rather than "laptops", because they run so hot that keeping a MacBook on your lap can be a terrible experience. Maybe that's what's happening with the iPad, it may be hotter, but Apple thinks that's okay, and may even be helpful when winter comes back. 

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