Supreme launches a phone with 2.4-inch screen, likely to cost as much as a flagship

Supreme launches a phone with 2.4-inch screen, likely to cost as much as a flagship
Over the course of two decades, Supreme has evolved from a small skate shop in New York, to a billion dollar streetwear juggernaut. But perhaps even more significant, it has become the core of an entire (and very profitable, at that) sub-culture that revolves around the brand's immediately recognizable white-on-red logo.

Supreme is no stranger to outlandish offerings and collaborations, some of which include a $30 brick, incense sticks, and a bible stash box for your... stuff. The latest entry in its list of branded items, and one that surprisingly has something to do with our field of work, is a cell phone. We're not calling it a smartphone, because it doesn't really qualify as one.

The company has just announced its 2019 fall and winter catalog of branded items, which include a Supreme measuring cup, Supreme thermal pant, and a fabulous Supreme knoll chair. Among them, there's also a phone, proudly presented as being a "burner phone" with 3G capabilities and a built-in camera!

According to the item description, it's a Blu-produced device, so it's very likely a pre-existing model that's been rebranded in collaboration with Supreme (a practice that the company is no stranger to). The device's top features are its dual SIM slot, 2.4-inch display, built-in camera, that sweet Supreme branding on the back, and the Supreme logo on the home screen.

As for the price? Well, there's no word on that yet, but let's not kid ourselves – Supreme is a company that was selling a limited run of branded bricks for $30 a pop. Yes, actual bricks that scalpers are now trying to sell on eBay for $499 (as of writing this article). So, the Supreme phone is not going to be cheap, that's for sure. It's probably going to fetch flagship prices once it's sold out.

But all jokes aside, that's the appeal of Supreme—pushing the limits of consumer culture to almost surreal levels—so a branded phone was only a matter of time. We hope they do an actual smartphone next time, if only so we can marvel at the price tag.

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