SuperTooth HD Bluetooth speakerphone features hands free assistant service for messages

SuperTooth HD Bluetooth speakerphone features hands free assistant service for messages
We’ve seen our fair share of Bluetooth enabled speakerphones that provide a suitable hands free experience while driving, but the SuperTooth HD packs some interesting technology to go above and beyond just acting like a gateway for your phone calls.

First and foremost, it’s also a portable wireless speakerphone that you can use with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone out there. In fact, it packs two 5-watt speakers and a 5.4-watt amplifier, and when you combine them with its Twin Speaker V Array Technology, it pumps out a reasonable amount of audio without sounding too strained or irritating at the highest volume setting.

Secondly, its voice-activated controls allow you to simply speak commands to accept or reject calls, check the battery level, retrieve voicemails, and dial pre-dialed phone numbers.  Moreover, its Handsfree Assistant feature, which is powered by Dial2Do, allows you to compose SMS messages, emails, and social networking posts by simply speaking them. And if you happen to use a BlackBerry or Android smartphone, it will read incoming messages as well to keep you focused on the road ahead of you.

Indeed nice and all, it does carry a premium price of $129.99 online, but after taking into account the amount of features you get with it, some might find it more than acceptable.

source: SuperTooth



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