Stock Android 2.1 experience greets the Samsung Galaxy S

Stock Android 2.1 experience greets the Samsung Galaxy S
There have been some purists out there that have been clamoring to see Samsung's TouchWiz interface on the Samsung Galaxy S be replaced or offered with the stock Android experience. Although some find it appealing and useful, others of course see it as rather tasteless to their eyes – but thankfully, someone out there was listening to pleas of many. Hackers quickly got started in getting the stock Android 2.1 experience ready for the high-flying Android handset, and although it's still relatively in the early stages, it's turning out to be promising nonetheless. One of the bigger bugs that need to be flattened out is the camera application – especially when its not in tip top functioning form right now. Slowly and gradually, we'll probably see a fully functional and hopefully satisfying experience that Samsung Galaxy S owners can rightfully be content with. Now the only thing to one-up this whole project, which is of course another big one on its own, is to bring the stock Android 2.2 experience to this device. Any takers?

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