Steve Jobs: WWDC announcements will not disappoint

Steve Jobs: WWDC announcements will not disappoint
If an e-mail conversation between an Apple fan and Steve Jobs is for real, the upcoming WWDC show will exceed your wildest expectations. The original message to Jobs, written after Google introduced the impressive Android 2.2, basically asks if Apple is planning any announcements at the developer's conference that will blow Google out of the water. The CEO replied that, "You won't be disappointed." Considering that the next generation of the iPhone is expected to be introduced at the show, the response by Jobs is loaded with innuendo. From pictures of the next-gen model, we can infer that video conferencing will be on board with a front facing camera, something not possible yet on Android (until June 4th when the EVO 4G is launched). Somehow, though, we would think that it would take a  few more new features unique to the iPhone to make sure that no Apple fanatic is disappointed. Multitasking, while new to iPhone users, is one of the things that other phone platforms-including Android- have been able to do. We could bang our heads against the wall and try to guess what new features won't disappoint Apple fans, or we could just relax and wait for June 7th when Steve Jobs walks on to the stage.

Apple iPhone 4G Preliminary Specifications

source: MacRumors

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