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Starbucks is “working on something” for Windows Phone

We have shared various perspectives about the Windows Phone “app gap” and they have all drawn a lot of interaction and discussion with readers. While it may not be viewed as a “must have,” for Windows Phone the lack of a first-party app like Starbucks is pretty visible given how high-profile the retail caffeine machine is across the US and around the world, not to mention the relative proximity of Starbucks’ and Microsoft’s world headquarters locations.

At most of its 20,000 locations, patrons shop for their “pick-me-up” and pay using well-appointed mobile apps for iOS and Android that not only pay the bill, but allow users to replenish their accounts, and manage their rewards. As far a mobile commerce apps go, the Starbucks app is highly functional.

With iOS and Android holding so much of the market, Starbucks was certainly not feeling any pressure to expand its mobile presence. A tweet from @SQLChicken to @MyStarbucksIdea, which is a verified Startbucks account, asked for such a presence on Windows Phone. The response was typical ambiguity, “The team is working on something for this. Stay tuned.”

Of course it is not wholly definitive, but we will mark “stay tuned” as a possible announcement with the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1 at Microsoft //Build/ early next month. Or, perhaps it will be tied to updates Starbucks is making to its iOS app enabling tips to the barista directly from the app.

Until then, all there is to do is wait, and “stay tuned.”

sources: Twitter via WPCentral
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